School Learning Plan

Spring 2019 - School Learning Plan

Primary and Junior Math

The focus of learning in Kdg. this year has been on counting more efficiently. Through direct teaching, using visuals, math games and manipulatives, students have been exposed to various strategies to support them in counting more efficiently.

Our Primary Math team has been working on supporting students in using a variety of strategies when completing addition and subtraction problems. We have seen growth in students becoming more efficient and fluent in applying these strategies e.g using grouping techniques, counting on, counting back and counting forward, using doubles or near doubles.

Our Junior Math team has continued their focus on problem solving and strengthening students’ skills in understanding and responding to multi-step problems.  Junior Math teachers have been noticing that students are more confidently and consistently using the strategies of verbalizing their thinking and of breaking down a question, and figuring out the important information.

Primary and Junior French

Our primary and junior immersion teachers have been focused on increasing students knowledge of French culture, using oral and visual strategies to build vocabulary and supporting students to increase comprehension and effectively express ideas.  Based on class observations and student work, teachers have noticed an increase in students’ self confidence and vocabulary, improvement in sentence structure, and richer conversations.

Spring 2019 - Student  Wellbeing Plan

This year our Student Wellbeing Plan has been focused on supporting self regulation in our students and helping them manage stress. Managing stress is a important ingredient in being ready and open to learning, so over the last few months we have been working with students on maintaining a calm learning environment, minimizing distractions and maximising learning time.  

Some areas that we have been focusing on include:

-calm entry and exit from the building (before school, recess transitions and end of day)

-teaching students calming strategies e,g. mindfulness practices

-using calming music, visual noise meters in the hallways and classroom

-helping students recognize and communicate verbally and non-verbally that they are feeling stressed

To support our Student Wellbeing Plan, our Parent Council will be offering three Mindfulness sessions for parents and children in our school gym. Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming initiative! .

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